It's been said before, "no man is an island." It's true! We really do need each other! And our actions toward each other affect us all one way or another. Whether we are in a Bible study, arts based group or a group that gets together for coffee, we need that connection to learn how to grow spiritually, learn how to love one another as Jesus commanded us to do, help each other by serving and to enjoy being human with other humans.

At Redland Church, we offer a variety of Life Groups. Some meet in homes or other places, and they will typically eat, pray, play, and study together. Other groups will have a common interest such as sports, arts or Bible study. Our groups meet once a month but have the option to meet more often.

We'd love to talk to you about how LifeGroups can impact your life! Sign up today, and let's begin a journey of doing life together!




  • Joseph & Gina Meola

    The Meola’s - Joseph, Gina, Garrett & Madison:
    We live in Northern Davidson County on a small horse farm. Gina enjoys horseback riding and teaching. We like hot rods and classic muscle cars.  We love getting together and eating! We want to open the invitation to join us in sharing our life experiences, supporting each other during difficult seasons, and build lasting relationships ultimately growing closer to The Lord.

  • Bob & Jeanine Davis


  • Lewis & Susan Mccollum

    "We have been coming to Redland for about 3 years. We love music and enjoy being in the choir. Family is very important to us. We are both retired and are enjoying activities like cooking, ball games, hiking, and most of all, rides in our convertible."


    "We are a good example of how the North and South can work together for God's Glory.  God has blessed us with 4 children, Kristen, Jordan, Michael and Eddie.  We're excited to see what God has in store for Redland LifeGroups."

  • Jeremy & christy miller

    "Hey guys. We are the Millers. We've been married for close to 5 years. We have a daughter named Macie who is 17 months old. We want to have a relaxed atmosphere where we will eat, hang out and talk about life. Possible a day trip to the mountains for fun and fellowship."

  • jason & cindy murrill

    "We are an 'adoptive family' that is loud but fun. Our design as a LifeGroup is to have relationships in which we will grow together in the Lord and offer support for each other with the daily challenges this world throws at us. We plan to meet on Saturdays, start time to be determined, starting with a pot luck meal and ending with a full stomach and fill spirit. Childcare provided."

  • jeff & teresa pardue

    "In our LifeGroup, we are so excited about building new relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ, ministering one to another in prayer, as well as fun activities with our families. We look forward to the LifeGroup God has in store for us."

  • dennis & patty reavis

    "We will focus on relationship building, among ourselves and also with Christ. We want to get to know others better in the church and build trusting relationships. We will probably included Scripture reading, short discussion and prayer, after we fellowship with food."

  • chuck & vicky shipton

    "We are empty nesters with 3 grown girls, one in Charlotte and two in Boston. We are interested in getting to know folks on a deeper level and see where God takes it."